Pastor Donald D. Morrison ("Pastor D")

"Pastor Don" is humbled that God has called on him to minister to His people in a way that reaches out to individuals where they are, and coaches them into where He would have them be.

Pastor Don gave his life to Christ and was baptized at the age of 10. He has worked fervently in the church since that time, barring the usual growing up bumps, rest stops, and detours along the way.

He has worked in many leadership roles within the church, the governing body for churches, and as a liaison for pastors and deacons for more than 20 years. He served as an ordained deacon before being called into this assignment and becoming ordained as a minister of the gospel.

Pastor Don is a practical individual, with a keen sense of humor, very funny at times, and one who takes God's assignments very seriously. He takes great pride in his current assignment as Pastor of this ministry, and thanks God that He sent individuals like YOU to help this ministry succeed.

"Come join us where we Learn, Worship, and Laugh Out Loud while succeeding in all that we do, God being our strength."

The Pastor's Family

Jacorey “Corey” Gaddis